Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Post - Last Sleeve

OMG, how cool is this! Why does it always take me so long to find these things?

Today was a good knitting day - I knitted outside the library waiting for it to open, I knitted before class, I knitted waiting at the copy shop, I knitted in various places all over the train station, and I knitted on the train, and then knit some more at home for good measure. I got the first sleeve finished up and have just started my second sleeve so I guess I'm in the home stretch knitting wise. I won't think about the dreaded knitting up stage yet, instead I will revel in the wonder of enjoying the finishing up and thinking about knitting another.

I've got my cousin Amy's name for Christmas... and undergrads always need sweaters... (especially skinny wee things like her...)

um... oh yeah, I 'm working mine in Telemark's Skyline, which is a lovely blue that will go nicely with all the denim in my wardrobe. And despite being 100% wool it feels like cotton - which has excited me inordinately.

I hope to get some pictures this weekend.


Anonymous Robyn ( said...

I love the colour of your yarn and a wool that feels like cotton - I am very interested! Could you let me know where you found your yarn? (am having trouble finding just the right yarn for my IVY) Thanks -Robyn

7:02 PM  
Blogger Lady O said...

I got it from I really liked it, it makes a substantial fabric so it should be quite warm.

5:58 PM  

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