Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Left Front Question #2

Hey there - I just picked up Ivy after many months and am on the left front. But, I'm confused by the two parts that you do at once under Shape Neckline. The second part says to m1 7 times (for my size) and then continue in stockinette stich until the peice measures 14.5 inches. So I'm done with those increases and the peice measures 13.5 inches, but I'm not done with the first set of directions - in fact, I could be counting wrong, but I have 66 more rows to go to finish the first set.

I don't get it? Should I start shaping the armholes when it reaches 14.5 and continue with the first set of directions under Shape Neckline? I guess that's what it must be huh?

I'm loving working on this right now - I hope there's still people out there!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Left Front Question

I'm working the left front (making the smallest size) and have just passed the cabled part on the bottom. What I'm confused about is this...on the back, I increased for the waist shaping 6 times over 36 rows. It looks to me like I will only increase one time for the left front. I'll work the two rows once (doing the M1 on the first row), then do 4 more rows in the pattern without further shaping. To me that means to not do the M1 again. Then I start to shape the neckline? Is this right? 6 rows after the cabled hem and I start to shape the neckline? I know I should continue doing the k2tog on the inside edge as this is what makes it slant. I'm just loving this pattern so far and am so excited to be working on it again!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm done I'm done I'm done!

Ok, finally FINALLY I am done with my Ivy!
It has been ten months by the calendar since I started. Of course I didn't knit every day and I took breaks in there to work on other projects, but still... 10 months!

So she's done... Check her out!

I'm so happy! I love this pattern and I love the result. I'm already plotting to start work on another Ivy, maybe with some lucious 100% pima cotton yarn I found at my local yarn store, in a yummy cream color.

Anyway... THANK YOU to everyone for their support and thanks especially to Glenna for the great pattern.

Hang in there, you who haven't yet finished... you CAN do it and it's SO worth it!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So after a hiatus, I finally blocked my Ivy. After leaving it blocking for a week or two, I finally upinned it and began to seam. I have done the shoulders and one side so far. The seaming is a little tedious, but made me realize I was an idiot for not finishing this earlier so I could enjoy wearing it sooner! It's beautiful and I can tell it's going to fit well. Just a lot of seaming...

I'm about to go on vacation, so I suspect the seaming won't get done until after I return. I'm tempted to take it with me, but a plane may not be a great place to seam.

The armholes on the body pieces look longer than the armholes on the sleeve pieces. Could that be right? Maybe I just didn't have it laid out right.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Hello out there, fellow knitsters!

How is everyone progressing with their Ivys? I can imagine, now that summer weather is arriving (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), that many of us may be putting aside the sweater knitting for cooler projects. But if you still have your Ivy going strong, be sure to post and share an update with us! And if you have questions be sure to ask, we are all here to share and help.

Knit on!

Monday, May 14, 2007

I am moving on

Ladies, I love your sweaters and admire your knitting abilities. But this pattern was more than I could handle so I gave up. It was too frustrating and life is too short to be driven mad by a pattern. I did find a similar wrap sweater pattern that is more my speed so I am happily working on it now.

All the best!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sleeve help?

Hi fellow Ivy knitters!

I'm looking for help, advice, comments, whatever on sleeves.
I have fairly long arms (I'm 5'10") and most sleeves aren't long enough for me.
So, I'm sure I need to add some length to the sleeves, but I've never done this before! How do I measure my arm to make sure I get it the right length? Do I measure right from my armpit to my wrist? Should I just kind of hold my almost-long-enough knitted sleeve up to my arm and see when it looks long enough? Besides the length from wrist to armpit, do I need to adjust anything in the sleeve cap?

Any suggestions would be helpful!