Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ivy Update

Here is my Ivy, all ready for sewing up. I hope to start sewing it today. I'm a little unsure of the fit as I've made it an inch longer & didn't realise til I was nearly done with the first front, that it would make the front decreases narrower across the bust. I wouldn't have known how to fix this anyway, it felt OK when I pinned it & tried it on! I can jiggle it, if needed, when it's on! These pics were taken at night & don't show the true colour!

For anyone pondering on the instructions for the fronts, here's what I did. I had 3 columns on a sheet of A4, headed up - front decreases, front increases, sleeve decreases. I then went through the pattern & wrote down the row numbers under the relevant column, that each inc/dec would appear on. On the same page, I also wrote down the twisted rib instructions for the 10sts, so I had those to hand aswell. That way, I only had to glance across each column to see where I was at, it worked for me!!


Blogger Knitbert said...

That looks great, what a lovely colour. I look forward to seeing it modelled :-)

10:44 AM  

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