Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sleeve One, Done!

I've cast off the first sleeve, and will be casting on the second one momentarily. So far, my knitting and the pattern are in fine agreement with one another. One sleeve took 115 grams of Highland Silk, or just over two balls.

I think I am not going to run short, except when I think I might. I have 15 balls...and I'm knitting the 40-inch bust, although my gauge may make it 42. I got closer to gauge on the sleeve than on my swatch, which was a relief. You might remember I decided to go for it with size 2 needles, fearing size 1s too much :)

Check out my blog for the latest picture!


Blogger Malia said...

Man, size 2 needles... I thought it was taking me forever on size 4s! Your sleeve looks beautiful, though! I almost wish I'd started with the sleeves, seems like a quick way to start.

12:13 PM  

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