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Hi! I'm am new to the KAL. I started last week and am pretty close to the armhole decreases on the back. I'm using a beautiful alpaca by the Socks That Rocks people in the Rose Quartz colorway. It's shades of pinks mostly with some subtle variation. When I earmarked the yarn and started the sweater, I misremembered the amount of yarn I had. After starting and decided that this yarn and this pattern are the most perfect combination, I realized I only have 1330 yards, and getting more would be difficult. I'm making the 40" size. I'm hoping the yardage is overestimated or I can make some modifications to conserve yarn. Can anyone tell me if they used significantly more or less than the amount called for? Thanks!


Blogger Glenna C said...

I look forward to seeing your finished sweater, that yarn sounds great!

When I made the original I had about half a ball of yarn left, so 13 x 112 yds = 1456 - 1/2 ball == approx. 1400 yds. Give or take.

Keep in mind that the sashes themselves use about a ball of wool. So, if you're coming up short chances are you'll have enough for the sweater itself but you might have to change the length of the sashes or substitute other yarn for the sashes. Or, use ribbon or something else altogether!

9:51 PM  
Blogger gwyn said...

Thanks for the info! I was hoping I would have enough for the main part and then just fudge the sashes. It sounds like that will work. This is a great pattern and the yarn complements it perfectly.

12:36 PM  
Blogger ediknit said...

I am using the yarn from the original pattern and bought the suggested amount. I am half way up the second sleeve, which will take another half ball I reckon and I still have 5 balls left! Even with one for the sash I will easily have 3-4 balls left over so you might be alright (oh, and my gauge is right, by the way, it's not that I'm knitting it incredibly tightly!)

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