Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Left Front Question #2

Hey there - I just picked up Ivy after many months and am on the left front. But, I'm confused by the two parts that you do at once under Shape Neckline. The second part says to m1 7 times (for my size) and then continue in stockinette stich until the peice measures 14.5 inches. So I'm done with those increases and the peice measures 13.5 inches, but I'm not done with the first set of directions - in fact, I could be counting wrong, but I have 66 more rows to go to finish the first set.

I don't get it? Should I start shaping the armholes when it reaches 14.5 and continue with the first set of directions under Shape Neckline? I guess that's what it must be huh?

I'm loving working on this right now - I hope there's still people out there!



Blogger Jo028 said...

yes, you continue with neck decreases whilst also shaping the armhole.

5:16 AM  

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