Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hello everyone! *waves*

It is so amazing that there is an Ivy Knitalong! Wow! I hope everyone has success with the pattern and if you need pom-poms just let me know . (Errr...pom-poms for cheering, that is. I don't know why you'd want to put pom-poms ON ivy, but I suppose you could if the urge strikes.)

I'm working on a 2nd Ivy myself right now, this one out of Elann's Highland Silk, in the Dusky Lavender colour. (I wanted the Dark Raspberry but when I was about to get it someone ordered the last of the Raspberry right out from under me, dagnabit.) This yarn is a smidge plumper than the Quechua, so it will not drape quite as much, but it feels wonderful and I think it will be very comfortable. The other major difference here is that with the mostly-wool silk blend, the stitches in the ribbing and neckline pattern will be a bit crisper.

I've heard people asking around about cooler-weather yarn substitutes, and the first thing I can think of is Shine Sport from Knitpicks, or else Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece which is DK weight, or Rowan Calmer which is also DK - but I must also admit that I don't have first hand experience with these yarns so perhaps someone who has might be able to verify for me whether or not either of them would work. The Shine Sport appeals to me because it is a blend, and so it would maintain some stitch definition along with being machine-washable.

Happy Knitting!


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