Sunday, October 29, 2006


I just finished Ivy and I'm thrilled! Thank you, Glenna, for such terrific pattern! Hooray! (Details on my blog: Words & Wool).


:D I finished. And I even wore it while hunkered down for more knitting. (I don't have any pictures, 'cause I can't find the camera...)

I learned a lot from knitting it. And as soon as the wool arrives and is turned blue I'll be knitting up another one. I'll probably make this next one a bit longer in the body, as this one sits a little higher than I'd like.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tripped at the finish line


The sound you hear is me doing a face plant at the finish line.

I got it nearly all sewn up and I discovered that I'd knit the sleeve caps too big (how the *ahem* did I manage that?!)

Any way, I've reknit one completely and it appears that it will fit into the armhole. Then I ripped the other one out and am now reknitting the decreases on that one. I am to finish by this weekend.

Ripping it all out was actually a useful experience - not that I'd like to have to do it again.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I've completed the back!

Here it is drying on my blocking board. I'm knitting it in Quechua in a vibrant red. When I started the back, I found the yarn a little hard to work with, but now my hands are tolerating it better. On to the next piece! You can find my knitting adventures here.

Front pieces - side shaping and neckline shaping "at the same time"

I've received a few emails and seen inquiries here in the KAL about what the front piece is all about: What does it mean to do the side shaping and the neckline shaping "at the same time?"

Answer: You do exactly that, starting both of these steps at the same time. This is the additional explanation I have provided to a couple of other people:

For the front pieces, the neckline shaping and all shaping at the sides (waist and then armhole) are worked at the same time. They begin at the same time after the ribbing has been completed. It means that, for example, while you are making an increase every 6th row for the side increases, you will still be making the decreases along the neckline (while keeping the single repeat of the twisted ribbing pattern along ne neckline also).

Mostly, it means that you have to remind yourself to be mindful of both of these things, so that you don't end up with a perfectly formed neckline but no side shaping or armhole shaping!

I hope this provides some clarity for any stumped Ivy knitters. Happy knitting!

[EDIT]: In the comments, Alyssa provides additional suggestions for how she kept track of the simultaneous side-increases and neckline-decreases. Thanks, Alyssa!

And, for something extra, here is a photo of my completed 2nd Ivy (finally) assembled and blocking, and waiting to dry:

This one was knitted with Elann's Highland Silk (80% highland wool, 20% silk), which is decidedly plumper at 13 wpi (as compared to the 15 wpi I get for Quechua, despite them both being labelled as DK weight). Nevertheless, it has knitted up to a firm but cozy fabric, and I like the colour quite a bit. I only wish it would dry a bit faster, but given the rain and humidity we've had around my parts the last few'll be a bit longer ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Soooo close

The sashes are done!
The side seams, shoulders, and neckband are - done!

O sleeve seams of knitted blue - you too will be vanquished in due course!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Progress - now comes the hard part!

I've finished the second sleeve!

Behold visual proof!

I don't block (unless the yarn is just that darn special - or theoretically if it were lace) so no lovely layout of nicely shaped pieces. Instead- layers and detail.

Here is a sleeve, the back and one of the fronts.

And here is the detail of the front and the back patterning.

I'm really quite pleased with the yarn, it is showing the cables nicely and it is really easy to work with (even with my wrist in post-furniture assembly protest).

Now I've just got 52 inches (!!!) of ribbing and the sewing up process. Basically the HARD part.

[edit] - make that 104 inches... helps if one reads the make 2 part of the instructions *sigh*

(So what am I still doing here?! )

See you on the knit side!

Lady O.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Post - Last Sleeve

OMG, how cool is this! Why does it always take me so long to find these things?

Today was a good knitting day - I knitted outside the library waiting for it to open, I knitted before class, I knitted waiting at the copy shop, I knitted in various places all over the train station, and I knitted on the train, and then knit some more at home for good measure. I got the first sleeve finished up and have just started my second sleeve so I guess I'm in the home stretch knitting wise. I won't think about the dreaded knitting up stage yet, instead I will revel in the wonder of enjoying the finishing up and thinking about knitting another.

I've got my cousin Amy's name for Christmas... and undergrads always need sweaters... (especially skinny wee things like her...)

um... oh yeah, I 'm working mine in Telemark's Skyline, which is a lovely blue that will go nicely with all the denim in my wardrobe. And despite being 100% wool it feels like cotton - which has excited me inordinately.

I hope to get some pictures this weekend.

Short-rowing in Ivy?

Should I attempt to add short row shaping when I knit Ivy, or is the wrap shape enough? I'm definitely a larger than average cup size, and I wonder if I will get gapping without short rowing.

Then again, it might be overwhelming to add into the pattern, as I havbe only made Boxy but Good sweaters in the past.

Sigh...any and all input is mightily appreciated...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Am I getting this correct?

I just started Ivy and it is my first project past hats and scarves. I am very excited!

I have finished the first three rows of the twisted rib pattern and am ready to start the first decrease row. My question is - after the decrease row it says to work 11 rows in pattern as set. Since the pattern is in multiples of 6, does this mean that I will just not work the final row? In it's place, do I work the following decrease row?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Baby got back...uh, done.

I finished the back a week ago but haven't had the time to photo/post a picture until now. I haven't started on either of the fronts yet. Right now I am trying to get a pair of fingerless gloves made for my DD before I leave for California.

2 weeks!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Introduction and Ivy Progress

Hi Everyone,
I started Ivy this week and I just love it. I am using Elann Peruvian Highland Silk in Autumn Purple. I got gauge on size 2 KnitPicks circulars and it's creating a dense, beautiful fabric. The cables are really popping! I'm enjoying seeing everyone's different Ivy's - what a pretty pattern:)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Hi everyone!

I started knitting my Ivy about 2 weeks ago. It's going to be a christmas present for my sister. I have the back & both fronts finished. Here they are pinned to my dress form:

I'm using Nashua "Creative Hands" worsted - I'm getting gauge using size 4 needles.
I cast on for the sleeves the other night - I'm knitting both at the same time since I have a bit of a problem with making 2 things the same length :)

I love this pattern!